Composers create music.

I'm a French teacher.

I just couldn't make Carole understand.

Why are you telling me now?

What're you doing sitting here alone in the dark?

We must prepare so that we will regret nothing.

Mr Hoshino is hard to please.


The one who has rendered a service should hold his tongue; it is up to the one who has received it to speak.

Rick said that he would depart soon.

He knows everything.


Srinivas's father died from karoshi five years ago.

Come on. Let's go home.

We all want the same thing.

Hedgehogs are cute.

Who does not work, also does not have the right to eat.

Life is a great mystery.

It's not voluntary.

This is important.

Just hang in there.


I'm very happy with the results.

He is in bonds.

She wanted proof.

Norbert is as blind as a bat.

Put the child to sleep.

The village is located high up in the mountains.

I can't find my girlfriend's clitoris.

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His story may be true.


This job requires a few essential tools.


I left my umbrella on the train.


You're competitive, aren't you?

Beth is hideous.

It went very smoothly.

There wasn't a living soul there.

Whenever I see you I think of your mother.

Don't leave me alone with him.

His invention deserves attention.


I have a package for Sharon.

The tumble hurt him badly.

To live is to suffer.

I'm headed to the supermarket.

I was a second lieutenant in the special forces.

Let us go right away.

She threw a suspicious glance at him.

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I cannot see this picture without remembering my childhood.

Non-members pay 50 dollars more.

My dog ate a paper towel. I wonder if he'll get sick.

I'm writing to the guy.

The hills were covered with snow.

Thirteen passengers were hospitalized.

Sheila ate the same amount as Angela did.

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I saw an old man fall on his back in the street.

He's dishonest.

I thought you wouldn't like it.

Ten years have gone by.

If you tell on me, I'll make your life miserable.


It's already out of fashion.

I'm pretty used to people not liking me.

Do you have an airplane ticket back home?

I'll get Blaine to stay with you.

People are inherently good.

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He came across this old coin in an antique shop.

Is that going to be awkward?

I'll find out when the meeting is.

When it was winter, and the snow lay all around, white and sparkling, a hare would often come jumping along, and spring right over the little Fir Tree. Oh! this made him so angry.

I don't know why I even thought you might consider helping.

His sisters are both beautiful.

I have a deep love for Japan.

Deborah couldn't figure out what Cindy meant.

She understands music.

We have no secrets.

Damone was Elliott's only child.

Is there a problem there?

Don't yell at Radek.

Can I touch your hair?

They made us work all day.

I'd rather live alone.

I hate mosquitoes, but they seem to love me.

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I've lost or broken all my necklaces.

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What are you doing for dinner tomorrow?

Why on earth are you still angry at me?

The water began to boil.


I cannot ride a horse. My leg is broken.

Can you imagine what the 21st century will be like?

Kent doesn't have to go.

Major went to a Catholic high school.

Loyd is hiding behind the door.

And after that she, at a pace of three times a week, gets drunk and at those times brings back a different man.

For circumstantial evidence, that's plenty.

I hope you have a good trip.

The time is ripe for action.

I'm pretty normal, really.

No matter what happens, I'll stand by you.

He prayed God to bless me.

Can you stand his deeds?

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Carole doesn't seem interested in making friends.


I will always be younger than you are.


Maybe Juha wasn't busy.


I'll take it as a challenge.


The number of words that a language has is finite but the number of sentences is infinte, which is quite interesting. You can make countless number of sentences.

Kevin gave up the idea of going to Canada.

They should wash their faces.

There's not much to say.

I'm sure your endeavor will bear fruit.

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Do you wear shoes inside your house?

Wake up.

I had to wait for Micheal wake up.


It's a matter of time.

You're going to love this.

I think everyone will enjoy our concert.

"Are your parents home?" "Only my dad."

She got a flat tire on her way home.

Rodney isn't as qualified for the job as Naomi is.

That's the friend to whom I gave the key.

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The stores were closed due to the strike.


That's my dictionary.


If you have a medical certificate, bring it.

We're still skeptical about this.

Does Carisa really want me do this?

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She paid a visit to Laurie's house.

The eloquent campaigner was elected hands down.

I can't believe you thought I was cheating.


Is it in the public domain?

I gave Natraj the day off.

Maybe we should get started.


Young plants should be protected in frosty weather.

I'm a business man.

I can't do that at this point.

I can pick you up from work if you want me to.

I won't waste my time.

I live in a flat above a shop.

She spoke to the section manager.


When will you take a bath?

The English breakfast is a great invention, just not at breakfast time.

"Take all the land you want", said the Aborigine chief. "Oh no," said the English general, "we will take just an island." "And which island?" asked the Aborigene chief. "Just the island of Australia," replied the English general.

Trey put a piece of dry ice into a cup of water.

My grandfather is a bit hard of hearing.

The safest thing to do is just wait.

My watch has been repaired.

He was trapped in a dead-end job.

"I haven't been feeling too good lately." "You had better go to a doctor."


Micky and Michael named their baby John.

She was really impressed.

He tried to blame me for everything.


Tomorrow will be a holiday!

Just take one swallow of this medicine.

It's a stupid tradition.


When I was 18, I decided to take a year off from college.

Swiper, no swiping!

Drew is very popular, I suppose.

Is Cory partly to blame?

I shouldn't have brought this up.

Skip felt sympathy for Bruno.

Some people, looking at the bright Sun, seek for stains only.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Archie is still looking.


Press the bell twice.

Philip shot Panacea in the knee before he blew her brains out.

She spoke with tears in her eyes.


He is inside this house.

Those tried the shoes on.

Luc said that he was eating.

Kees hasn't got the sense that God gave a goose.

Piet spent over three hours looking for his keys, but still couldn't find them.

Relax, you're doing fine.

I love to paint with watercolors.